To brightly shine again.

LV72 also known as JUNO is a 35 metre iron hulled 118 year old light-vessel currently laying derelict on the River Neath in South Wales.

In the news 2021

19 January  Admiral Lord Alan West calls for LV72 to be saved -article

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29 August Westen mail 

25 August Warhistoryonline 

10 August walesonline 

9 August Jayexplores drone video

6 august Forcesnet 

Ex Trinity House Lightvessel no. 72

A guiding light to mariners for nearly 70 years.

Saw active service during WW2 off the coast of Normandy.

Listed on the National Historic Ships UK register, Certificate no.143

due to the increase in the numbers of the public and urban explorers trying to visit the lightvessel, the owner has asked everyone not to try and visit, the light vessel is private property, and access is through a working wharf with heavy plant equipment operating. your cooperation is appeciated

Please note, much of the media and some of the urban explorers have misquoted some facts on LV72 

although she was used in Operation Neptune, the seabourne invasion of Normandy, she was not present on D-day itself,,, she would be placed on station on the 18th of June.

 she is also quoted as being used in Dunkirk,,, as she is not listed as one of the Dunkirk little ships, and there is no record of her being there on Trinity House records

she is also quoted as being built in the same way as the Titanic,, whilst the techniques for building ships were similar,  LV72 was built many years before the Titanic, and different materials used

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urban explorer video

urban explore video

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urban explorer video

May 2018 urban explorer video 

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in 2017 we introduced KDC London to the owners, unfortunately, it did not progress any further

Urban explore video

Urban explorer video

Urban explorer video

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there has been no updates  on the SOSOL project since Nov 2016 :-(

June 2019 SOSOL video

April 2016 SOSOL video

March 2016 SOSOL video

Jan 2016 Wales news service video

Jan2016 SOSOL launch thier fund raising campaign to take LV72 back home to Sunderland

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In the news 2015

31 Dec 2015

Western Mail article about Lv72

30 Dec 2015

Mail online article about LV72. 

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19 Nov 2015

 Wales online article about LV72.

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14 Nov 2015

 Military enthusiast Daniel Brown features in a South Wales Evening post article trying to find information on LV72